Easing baby fears

Easing baby fears

How should a parent deal when a baby is scared and filled with fear?

By the YeahBaby.com editorial staff

Easing baby fears

Infants and babies get scared, just like adults do. Although this fear may appear to be insignificant or even cute, it should be dealt with in a very real way.

Some things that might scare baby are

  • Loud noises, such as the vacuum, music or a honking car.
  • Being startled. Sneaking up on baby is rarely a good idea.
  • Heights. The top of the stairs or even the height from the highchair may scare baby.
  • Bathing. Especially if you're bathing baby in a large bathtub.

Fear in babies is very normal, and luckily with parents' help, babies can overcome them.

  • Comfort your baby and stay close when presented with things that make him or her scared.
  • Slowly introduce baby to the safety of some items he or she fears. For example, let baby see and touch a vacuum cleaner turned off.
  • Set a strong example for dealing with fear.

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