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The first duties of new mothers

The first duties of new mothers

Before leaving a delivery room, new mothers will assume these duties and responsabilities of motherhood.

By the editorial staff

The first duties of new mothers

While on the birthing table, a nine month pregnancy will culminate and become the beginning of one's motherhood. And with this newfound role, the first duties and responsibilities of motherhood will soon follow.

Your baby will soon be in your arms. You'll soon be giving your newborn a first dose of love, caring and warmth - gently nestling the little one in your arms. New mothers will soon be a source for a baby's nourishment. Your doctor will encourage you to breastfeed the baby soon after delivery. A new parent may be asked to make decisions on behalf of the little one.

The duties will soon expand to diapering, bathing and caring for other baby's needs. You'll likely assist in some of these roles while still in the hospital. Once home, a mom and dad will assume all of these duties.

The responsibilities of parenting will be quite an adjustment for new parents. But the care put into raising your child will pay dividends the rest of your life.

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