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Cleaning baby genitals

Cleaning baby genitals

Special care is needed when cleaning a baby's genitals. Whether washing a boy or girl, this information will assist you in safely cleaning your baby boy or girl.

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Cleaning baby genitals

Washing a baby's genitals requires a soft and clean cloth, preferably a hypo-allergenic one. Moisten the cloth with a baby soap and lukewarm water. Place the baby on a towel.

When cleaning girls, wash the area from front to back being careful of the delicate folds of skin of the vagina. Be aware of any signs of redness or swelling. Visit a doctor if problems persist.

A boy's penis should also be washed with soap and water, regardless of whether the penis has been circumcised. The foreskin of a boy's uncircumsized penis need not be pulled back during washing. A healing circumsized penis should be protected with a piece of sterile gauze coated with an antibacterial ointment. A newborn with a circumsized penis should not be tub bathed until the penis is healed. Any signs of redness, swelling, pus or bleeding should be brought to your doctor's attention.

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